Ready to feel joyful and happy again? Let me help.

I help Muslim women overcome depression so that they can live lives of peace, prosperity and purpose.

Happiness workshop…
What Research Tells Us About Happiness

After scouring dozens and dozens of research studies on the psychology of happiness, I’ve concluded that you can LEARN to be a deeply happy person. There’s a practical and proven way to increase your happiness set-point.

Anyone can do it. Yes, you can do it, too!

How? By emulating the thought and behavior habits of naturally happy people. That’s the only way we can be happy in a way that lasts.


Get a Life You Love – At Any Age.

Emotional healing workshop!!!

An in depth workshop designed to ♒clear physical, health related illnesses, emotional baggage n spiritual blocks.

♊ Learn communication skills to enhance relationships.
♈Let go of fears, phobias, unhealthy vows and unhealthy limiting beliefs.
♌ Learn to understand and work with 21st century kids.
♐ Become self confident.
⛎ Learn to accept life, situations n taqdeer.
♑Remove anxiety.
♍Cure depression.
♎Take charge of your anger.
♉Handle lifes challenges.
♑ Deal better with people.
💯 Learn the art of being happy!
💯 Get in touch with the REAL YOU!💯And find out who Allah meant you to be!

One one coaching:
RESET YOUR LIFE is a twelve week program to develop a winning mindset and heal from depression using Islamic principles, positive psychology and proven mind body techniques. 
Here’s what we will work through in our time together:
1. How to make zikr to build a deep connection with Allah.
There’s a hole in each of us that can only be filled with the remembrance of Allah.
2. I’ll teach you how to forgive and let go of the past.
3. Next I’m going to teach you my 3 rules of happiness which will give you a completely new perspective on life.
4. That’s not all. I’m also going to teach you my 7 rules of alignment that will help you get out of and stay out of depression. 
5. A lot of needless worry, anxiety, sadness and regret is caused by living in the past or the future but happiness can only be found in the present moment. Ill teach you the secret to living in and enjoying the beauty of the present moment which is all any of us really have.
6. I’ll also show you some powerful strategies on how to silence your inner critic.
7. Then we will work on your unhealthy limiting beliefs that hold you back from living the deeply fulfilling life you’ve always dreamt of. Those beliefs that keep you playing small and that prevent you from achieving your goals.  We will work together to replace those limiting beliefs with positive Empowering ones that move you forward in the direction of your dreams.
8. I’m going to show you simple,  daily habits that can make a massive difference in how you feel almost instantly. 

Book your BEAT DEPRESSION AND FEEL GREAT AGAIN: Free coaching session.

Together we will work to:
Create a crystal clear vision of the happy and fulfilling future you would like to enjoy. 
Uncover the hidden challenges and obstacles that sabotage your efforts to feel happy and fulfilled and that are keeping you stuck and unable to cope.
Leave the session renewed and excited about recapturing childlike joy and living life to the fullest again… even if nothing you’ve tried before has made a difference.