Level 2 – Introducing Emotional Healing and Life Coaching

It’s okay not to be okay!

You are not the clothes that you wear!  You are not the car that you drive! You are not the job that you do.  You are not the friends that you keep!  Who are you? You are so much more than you think… make the time to begin a relationship with yourself, to find you. Discover the you Allah meant you to be!  It begins with Understanding and Acceptance followed by Self Love and Appreciation of yourself.


An in depth workshop designed to clear physical, health related illnesses, emotional baggage and spiritual blocks.

  • Learn communication skills to enhance relationships.
  • Let go of fears, phobias and unhealthy limiting beliefs.
  • Learn to understand and work with kids.
  • Become self confident.
  • Learn to accept life, situations and taqdeer.
  • Remove anxiety and depression.
  • Take charge of your anger.
  • Handle life’s challenges.
  • Deal better with people.
  • Learn the art of being happy!
  • Get in touch with the REAL YOU! And find out who Allah meant you to be!

Price: R3700

Just one two-hour session per week a week for  7 weeks.

Course conducted by Qualified Therapist

All attendees receive a certificate of attendance.

Don’t give up without embracing the daring adventure your Life was meant to be!

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