Level 1 – Reflexology and Acupressure

“Every disease has a cure! “Hadith.

1.  Learn the ancient tried and tested healing technique from the east…


Therapeutic Reflexology:

Benefits: Decreases stress and tension in your body.

Helps eliminate toxins from body. Helps with pain relief-e.g. Sinus.

Helps with Digestive disorders, e.g. IBS, acid reflux.


Take control of your health!

2. De-stress with healing massage techniques.

3. Discover that 87% of illnesses have an emotional cause!

Let go of old unwanted emotions and painful memories!

Learn how to deal with anger, fear, stress and life’s challenges using Emotional wellness… A blend of ancient Chinese acupoints and modern life coaching.

Take your first step to self growth and inner peace!

4 Lessons, one per week.

Incredible price of only R2700 for all 3 modules

I Look forward to working with you!

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