Science has cracked the "Happiness Code"

The problem…

The way people live today is just not conducive to happiness:

We are bombarded with bad news every day.

We are bombarded with negative words and thoughts every day.

There is hardship, crime and unhappiness all around us.

Add your own problems to the list and you have to wonder…

Is it even possible to be happy amidst all of this?



We now know exactly what it takes to live a happier life.

After scouring dozens and dozens of research studies on the psychology of happiness…

I’ve concluded that you can LEARN to be a deeply happy

There’s a practical and proven way to increase your happiness

Anyone can do it. Yes, you can do it, too!


By emulating the thoughts, behaviors and habits of naturally happy

That’s the only way we can be happy in a way that lasts.

So allow me to present:

The Happiness Workshop - Online

Learn the simple practices that take only a few minutes a day and are PROVEN to change everything.

Finally experience what happy, radiant, unshakable JOY feels like.

Be happy in a way that lasts!

And learn it all from the comfort of your own home.

This is what previous students have to say about the course:

This is what previous students have to say about the course:

Excellent and awesome online course – Farhana

10 out of 10. Layya – Alhamdulillah Apa,it was an excellent online course.

It was refreshing and it will serve as a significant reminder of what I had forgotten. –

So... Do you want to be happy?

The Happiness Workshop is scheduled for Monday 7 November, at 3 PM.

Presented by Fatema Loonat, qualified therapist and relationship coach.

Discover how to be happy – for the low, once-only price of…

R310 (less than $20)

Just to recap:

Learn how to be happy, DESPITE everything going on around you.

Learn to be happy, DESPITE what goes on in your life.

Learn how to achieve this in just a few MINUTES per day.

p.s. How much is your happiness worth?