About Fatema

Apa Fatema Mia Loonat is a multifaceted, dynamic and inspirational woman.

Among her diverse qualifications are the following:

🎓 Degree in Theology / Aalima / Professor at an Islamic University

📇 27 years teaching experience 

🎤Motivational Speaker

✏ Accupressurist

👣 Reflexologist

📍Cupping Therapist and Teacher of cupping

🌻 Emotional Healer and Teacher of emotional healing

☁Counsellor and Master Coach
🍀Certified Ego practitioner
🌺Abundance Coach

📚Writer – Author of :

The Best of Stories, a Tafseer of Surah Yusuf

Easy Etymology, a grammar text book for Arabic students, currently being translated in Swedish

Moosa Alayhis  salaam series of books for kids

Ebrahim Alayhis  salaam for kids

40 Ahaadeeth

Women in the field of Hadith


📊Founder of the game ‘A day in the life of a Muslim.’

📗Renowned Islamic theologian

💼Well experienced in child and adult psychology

🎀Social welfare and community outreach programmes director.

💸💰💳 Businesswoman … Top SH’ZEN team leader in Gauteng eight years in a row